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Space X’s new Starship prototype ready to take off

The SN8 prototype has just completed its last successful test. A first high altitude flight is scheduled for November 30th.

These are the final adjustments for the SN8 prototype of Space X’s Starship spacecraft. The final test has just gone off without a hitch after more than a month of campaigning. SN8 should therefore take off on November 30 with the objective of reaching an altitude of 15 km. A level never seen before with previous prototypes.

Other prototypes in the event of an incident

The Super Heavy rocket that will power the final version of Starship will still have to be built. Elon Musk also plans to work on two new prototypes: SN9 and SN10, in case any incidents arise next week. He estimated that the odds of success would be “1/3”.

Elon Musk relies on Starship to successfully send Men to Mars. But he also wants to use the spacecraft to develop space tourism by making it more accessible financially.

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