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Spotify tests publishing stories from famous artists

The music streaming platform hopes to incorporate stories from top celebrities into some of its playlists.

Stories are everywhere, and no longer just on social networks. This format of short ephemeral videos, which owes its success to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, is now landing on Spotify.

The music streaming service is also embarking on the race for stories in order to promote certain playlists.

To inaugurate this new function, Spotify has offered the services of renowned artists, such as Jennifer Lopez, or Kelly Clarkson, who appear in the story of a playlist Christmas music, from the Android and iOS applications. Other playlists, in other musical genres, also saw the appearance of these ephemeral videos. Spotify however indicated that the appearance of these stories was part of a test, without confirming the functionality would be extended and perpetuated on its platform.

The arrival of Stories on Spotify is not a big surprise. The company had already launched tests last year to allow selected artists to publish ephemeral videos on the platform. Ultimately, they could well be integrated into artists’ pages, allowing them to promote themselves and directly address their community of fans as on social networks.

Source: Engadget

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