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The 10 most pirated films of the week (20/09/2020)

We are saying goodbye to the weekend and, as usual, it is time to analyze all the movement that took place in the depths of the internet and what were the 10 most pirated films of the last days.

If in the last list we only saw the rise and fall of titles known to the public, largely due to the reopening of cinemas in some parts of the world, in this we have already seen the appearance of four new films. Launched on demand video and streaming platforms, these productions are an easy target for pirates and are quickly made available on torrent trackers for illegal downloading.

Of the four novelties, two are also available in the Netflix catalog: an animation for the whole family and a “gothic drama” with a stellar cast and well known by those who are superhero fans. The other two are a suspense from the same producers of Run! and We and a dramatic thriller starring Alexandra Daddario.

The most curious thing is that none of these films reached the highest place on the podium. In fact, can you guess who won the most pirated film title of the week? Tip: he’s been around for some time.

Check out the complete list of the 10 most pirated films of the week that Canaltech raised exclusively for you.

10. Greyhound – At Mira do Enimigo

Written and starred by Tom Hanks, Greyhound tells the real story of Captain Ernest Krause on one of the most dangerous missions of World War II. In his first US destroyer command, he is responsible for leading an international convoy of 37 Allied ships crossing the feared North Atlantic while being chased by several Nazi submarines.

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9. #Alive

Considered the first blockbuster of the post-pandemic to open in theaters, South Korean terror #Alive takes place in a city infected by a mysterious virus that caused an uncontrolled case. People struggle to stay alive, but it seems that everyone is doomed to one fate: to die eaten by the infected and turn into zombies. In this apocalyptic scenario, two residents of a condominium are among the few who are left alive, spending their days without access to the data network, Wi-Fi, phone calls or any contact with outsiders. But when they discover each other’s existence, they risk everything to get together and stay alive.

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8. Bill & Ted: Face the Music

Closing of the trilogy Bill & Ted, the film shows the title characters as middle-aged parents who have not yet given up on their dream of getting a song on the hit charts to fulfill what they are destined for: during a time travel, it was said that they would save the universe with this creation. Will it now?

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7. United Pets

The dog Roger and the elegant, spoiled cat Belle are played together in the chaos of a robot that takes over the city where they live. To deal with this threat, they need to put aside their prejudices and survive this great adventure.

6. Ava

Ava is a professional assassin who has worked for years with an organization specializing in covert and illegal operations for the government. On a daily basis, she travels around the world to make executions in a subtle and objective way, until one day a mission is out of her control and she is forced to fight for her own survival.

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5. Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula

One of the most anticipated films of 2020 has met its schedule and opened in theaters in South Korea – and, of course, has already been pirated. Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula has a broader and more epic history than its predecessor, in a country now completely devastated by a mysterious virus that turned people into zombies. The few survivors left now struggle desperately to escape the abandoned peninsula.

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4. The Devil of Every Day

Classified as a “gothic drama”, the film tells the story of a desperate young man who, at all costs, tries to save his wife’s life. She is about to die and he resorts to drastic prayers and measures, including the “help” of strange and dark people, whose lives are connected without even they knowing it.

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3. Chosen

From the same producers of Run! and We, the film shows the author of bestseller Veronica Henley trapped in two different realities: today and Antebellum, a period marked by rural prosperity in the southern United States and oppression of slaves. Immersed in this terrifying reality, she must discover the mystery behind this event and escape before it is too late.

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2. Lost Girls & Love Hotels

Based on the book of the same name by Catherine Hanrahan, this dramatic thriller follows an American English teacher who has a habit of wandering the streets of Tokyo to try to forget her painful past. In this, she has several casual encounters, until she meets and falls in love with a mysterious member of Yakuza, who will give a new direction to her life.

1. Mulan

Hua Mulan is the witty and determined eldest daughter of an honorable warrior, who is no longer in her prime. Even so, when the Emperor of China issues a decree and determines that one man from each family serves in the imperial army, he must present himself. But Mulan decides to take his father’s place and assume Hua Jun’s identity, disguising himself as a man to fight the invaders who are attacking his nation and prove that he is also a great warrior.

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