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The New Batman Won’t Be a Perfect Hero, Says Robert Pattinson

Who expects to see the classic interpretation of the Batman in the new DC movie may be surprised. According to Robert Pattinson himself, who lives the character in the feature that hits theaters next March, his interpretation of the Batman will not be as straight and heroic as we have seen in previous incarnations and that he sought to add some new layers to it. make the Dark Knight a little more complex.

In an interview with The Daily Record, Pattinson spoke again about his preparation to play one of the most iconic heroes in the world and revealed that, contrary to what most people might expect, his Batman It won’t be quite right. “People see Batman as a heroic and righteous character, but our story questions what the nature of the hero is and gives different angles to it,” he reveals.

To get to this point, the actor says he needed to know as much of the character’s history as possible to know what had already been done and what was still new that could be explored in the new film.

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And as much as he hasn’t revealed exactly what controversial the feature should bring to the character, the little we know about the plot and Pattinson’s own interpretation give the way to what we can expect. As the trailers anticipate, we’ll see the hero much more violent, brutal and out of control, applying disproportionate force to common criminals just to get the information he needs, for example.

Incidentally, this promised complexity is something that also seems to be related to the origin of Batman that must be addressed in the film, showing the Wayne family as part of Gotham’s problem. If the theories are right and we see that the Riddler’s (Paul Dano) villain’s motivation is related to the crimes that Bruce’s parents committed in the past, this is something that will certainly spill over to the hero and mess with all his convictions and motivations to act. like the Batman.

This all just heightens curiosity about how this new incarnation of Batman will be. The film hits theaters on March 3 and features, in addition to Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright and Colin Farrell in the cast.

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