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TikTok strengthens protection for users under 15

In order to better defend its youngest users, the confidentiality settings notably switch to private mode by default for minors. This will restrict the audience for their videos to their subscribers only.

Since Wednesday, January 13, TikTok’s privacy settings have tightened up to better protect users aged 13 to 15. They now default to private mode. Only subscribers accepted by these minor users will therefore be able to view their videos. So much for the flagship measure.

No more Duo or Collage

Other new features, the option “Everyone” is removed to comment on videos. We will have to choose in the future between “Friends” and “Private”. The “Duo” and “Collage” functions will also no longer be accessible for children under 16, as will the downloading of videos which will also be disabled by default for those aged 16 to 17. Finally, the option “Recommend your account to others” will be disabled for children under 15 years old.

All of this is aimed at better controlling the exposure of minors and protecting their privacy. TikTok previously removed the ability for them to make live and access Direct Messaging.

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