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TikTok tests stores for in-app sales

It is not only Facebook that seeks to compete with TikTok, the Chinese social network also wants to rival the older and bigger “brother”. According to Bloomberg, the company can add a shopping feature within its app, which would allow multiple brands to advertise their products to users of the platform.

TikTok would already be negotiating with some European companies to start testing sales experimentally in the old continent. One of the company’s recent initiatives is to allow content creators to sell their own products or those of partners (in a similar model to affiliates).

This new prototype resembles the format worked on by Instagram, with a separate shopping guide on a brand’s account, similar to a catalog. Thus, the trader can list characteristics, images and prices of what it is to sell. This feature is being tested initially on the UK company profile Hype.

Bloomberg contacted TikTok, but had no answer about this test – Hype, however, confirmed that it participates in this experiment. For now, it seems to be something of a closed experiment.

This model is more or less what Facebook intends to implement in the Instagram Reels and in the videos of the network itself. The company plans to add new forms of monetization to attract content creators and enable new sources of revenue. Another example is the use of paid stickers in Stories, which would allow influencers to show the sponsorship of brands.

Sales on TikTok

The truth is that sales has everything to do with TikTok’s proposal. With short videos and full of cool effects, brands can convince users to consume their products. The platform’s brand new Login Kit could already be an interesting step to allow the integration of stores with the system.

So far, the novelty does not appear to be entirely interconnected to the videos, but this may change in some future update. It would, for example, put the links on top of the clothes worn by a model, which would direct the person to the virtual store.

The only thing, however, is that the profile of the chain is even younger, so not all companies may be willing to invest. But this is just a matter of adapting to the target audience.

Regardless of the format, TikTok has given clear demonstrations that it knows where it is going and that it will do anything to beat its competitors. Whether or not you can do it is another story.

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