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TSMC will manufacture the graphics chip with which Intel wants to face Nvidia and AMD

Intel will call on TSMC’s know-how in terms of engraving fineness to produce its future high-end graphics chip for consumer PCs, the DG2, in 7 nanometers.

It is TSMC who will design the future high-end graphics chip from Intel for the consumer PC, as revealed by Reuters. Intel will use one of TSMC’s 7nm processes to allow its card to compete with Nvidia and other AMD models. According to Reuters sources, Intel aims to place its DG2 against competing cards costing between “$ 400 and $ 600”.

Intel has shown its seriousness when it comes to graphics chips not only with the impressive leaps in performance between Icelandic and Tigerlake, but also by demonstrating its first dedicated graphics card in more than twenty years at CES 2020, the DG1. A test prototype, the DG1 was not a commercial model as the DG2 chip (a code name) should be. Based on the Xe architecture which already operates in Tigerlake mobile chips, the DG2 chip could arrive on the market between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

The graphics chip is not the only one expected to be produced by Taiwanese champion TSMC: in addition to non-CPU chips already in production, TSMC is expected to start production of the next generation of 5nm Core i3s by second half, and mass production of mid and high-end CPUs (Core i5 and Core i7) in 3nm could be launched by the second half of 2022.

Bob Swan, the current CEO who should give way to Pat Gelsinger by next month, had therefore initiated the acceleration of the outsourcing of part of the production, this kind of partnership requiring long negotiations.

Sources: Reuters and WCCFtech

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