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Twitter Safe Mode will automatically silence offending accounts

THE Twitter is developing a new feature called Safe Mode. The novelty came to the fore in a presentation made recently by the social network, where it shows a tool capable of detecting and then automatically blocking or silencing accounts that publish offensive tweets.

Presentation of Safe Mode (Image: Playback / Twitter)

Information about the tool appeared in a section to talk about the next steps of the social network, where there is a slide with two screenshots. “We are exploring smarter tools to proactively help keep people safe from unwanted interactions,” says the presentation.

The first image shows a notification on the phone’s lock screen to alert that the social network detected “some abusive or fraudulent responses to your tweet” (in free translation), with a link next. The warning issued by the Twitter app reaches the user with the title “Your tweet is receiving negative attention”.

The second shows the Safe Mode settings. “When you are in Safe Mode, we detect accounts that may be acting abusively or fraudulently and limit the ability of those accounts to interact with you for 7 days,” they explain. The feature also reduces the display of responses from these profiles to others.

Just below the description, there is an option to activate the tool. By enabling it, the function will block accounts that violate the rules of the social network or silence profiles that respond with “insults”, “insults”, “strong language” or make “hateful comments”. Finally, the app shows which accounts were detected by the function.

On the following slides, Twitter also talks about other features, such as Birdwatch and the expansion of account type identification that indicates whether a profile is a bot, for example. The release date for Safe Mode, however, is still a mystery.

With information: Engadget

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