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Uber is selling air taxi divisions and self-driving cars

THE Uber is about to sell its air taxi division, Uber Elevate, and you can also get rid of your self-driving car segment, Uber ATG. The information, which has been circulating in the international media since November, comes after a complicated year for the company, which faced a lot of damage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the website Axios, the company is in advanced negotiations with Joby Aviation – which had already agreed to work in partnership with the company to launch a flying taxi service by 2023.

Joby, currently working on a project for a new hybrid vehicle (drone plane), in theory, would be interested in acquiring Elevate, which has 80 employees and was operating with a helicopter fleet in New York before the pandemic.

The company’s area dedicated to autonomous cars, Uber ATG, could be sold to startup Aurora Innovation, according to the TechCrunch. Just over a year ago, the division was valued at $ 7.25 billion and, it seems, the process is already well under way.

Uber collected losses in 2020

In November, Uber reported that Uber ATG and other technologies, including Elevate, were responsible for a net loss of $ 303 million between January September 2020. With the transactions, the company intends to get rid of non-business units profitable to possibly focus on recovering its central hitchhiking service and investing more in the delivery sector.

Earlier this year, the company also gave up its shared Jump micromobility unit and sold a stake in Uber Freight. To adapt to the new logic of consumption, Uber acquired Postmates (negotiation that should be concluded this quarter), aiming at the expansion of Eats.

With information: TechCrunch, Axios and The Verge

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