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UK bans Huawei antenna installations from September 2021

At the end of last week, it was whispered in the corridors of the British Parliament that an anti-Huawei law was indeed going to pass in the United Kingdom and come to harden the sanctions already taken against the Chinese brand. It is done.

No more Huawei 4G / 5G antennas from September 2021 in the UK. English parliamentarians voted a law prohibiting local operators from installing the Chinese giant’s telecom equipment within a few months. These same operators will no longer be able to use any facility maintenance or infrastructure management services provided by Huawei, starting next April. Except in exceptional circumstances.

By 2027, all Huawei branches will have had to disappear from the English landscape as the parliamentarians also planned. In addition, from next January, operators no longer have the right to purchase equipment from the Asian brand. They can still deploy antennas that they bought before or are about to be. European equipment manufacturers Nokia and Ericsson have both secured contracts with British telephony players to become suppliers of new antennas and replacement models.

At the same time, the British want to speed up the removal of the old 2G and 3G antennas from their territory. Finally, a special structure will be responsible for finding and securing means of including antennas from brands other than European (the Japanese from NEC are in a good position). Recall that at the very beginning of the year, the English had considered dissociating themselves from the United States in their fight against Huawei, but that did not last very long.

Source: Bloomberg

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