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What is a “break-wall” router?

Hey guys! Sometimes when the internet signal is dropping, or working very slowly, it can interfere a lot, right? It’s just that some internet router models have a small signal distribution range.

Do you know when Wi-Fi works best in a specific room in the house? That’s exactly it. In these cases, the closer to your internet router, the better the Wi-Fi signal will work. But this can interfere a lot, as the signal ends up getting weaker in some parts of the house. 📶

So, today I brought a tip for those who have problems with Wi-Fi signal. Do you know what a breaker router is? Just take a look at this article! 😉

What is a “break-wall” router?

Guys, “wallbreaker” is the name given to routers that have a range of 900 m² or more. It’s just that they can cover a huge area with all that range. Therefore, they even overcome physical barriers such as walls. Hence the popular name “break-wall”.

Besides they draw attention for their great signal coverage, they also distribute this signal in good quality. Some models from TP-LINK are able to distribute the connection at a speed of 2.4 GHz. This means, that a router that supports this speed can transmit up to 300 Mbps of internet. Pretty cool, right?

So, they can be a good alternative for those who have a router that transmits a weaker internet signal at home. It’s worth checking out some models! 💙

Ready! Now you know what breakout routers are. Did you like this tip? Share with your friends. 🥰

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