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When a person begins to learn about the world of digital security, it is common for him to be exposed to several terms that, at first, may not mean anything, but with a little reading demonstrate their real importance. One of those words is exploit, which in the world of information technology means the exploitation of a vulnerability.

Cited in several cybercrimes as the method used by criminals to break into systems, the exploit, for many, may seem just another synonym for digital vulnerabilities. The reality, however, is different, with them being used mainly as vectors that enable the exploitation of flaws in devices for the execution of cybernetic scams.

But the exploits they still go beyond simple vectors, counting with countless details that classify them as one of the pillars in the understanding of virtual security. We explain everything below:

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understanding the exploits

The general definition of exploits is that they are programs or code designed to abuse software or hardware vulnerabilities and cause unwanted effects by developers or manufacturers. For better understanding, think of program failures as a fruit on top of a tree, and not exploit like the ladder you use to reach the food.

You exploits they can be used for many things, like allowing pirated games to run on video game consoles, installing custom operating systems on mobile phones, and of course infecting devices with malicious agents.

Like the exploits if they take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems and devices, the responsibility for blocking their functionality rests with the developers, usually through firmware and software updates.

Typically, software developers and hardware manufacturers rate exploits in two ways:

  • Exploits acquaintances: are all those already discovered by cybersecurity researchers, and which may have already been fixed by the responsible developers and manufacturers, through security updates;
  • Exploits unknown: typically these are those made from zero-day failures and make software developers and hardware manufacturers rush to release an update rendering them unusable. While the fix doesn’t come out, it’s common for cyber criminals to focus most of their scams around them.

as the attacks of exploit do they work?

for an attack of exploit If this happens, criminals need to know about vulnerabilities of the system they intend to invade, in order to develop methods that take advantage of this characteristic to penetrate the device.

How often the development of a code exploit can be time consuming, many criminals choose to buy ready-made kits in places like the dark web and the deep web, which allow the exploitation of system vulnerabilities, known or unknown, without the need for programming expertise.

another form of attack exploit uses code that spreads across a network looking for machines with vulnerabilities, requiring no user interaction. This type is considered one of the most worrying, allowing threats such as WannaCry, a virtual attack that stood out in 2017, to infect millions of computers around the world.

Regardless of the attack of exploit used, the next steps of the coup will depend on the criminals’ goals, with data leakage, virtual kidnapping (ransomware) attacks and virtual espionage are just a few examples of what can happen after such an invasion.

Prevention of exploits

Like exploits take advantage of security flaws in the software, there are no common signs that can warn of its use. However, as these attacks are actually aimed at infecting systems with malicious agents, practices to prevent these scams are also useful here:

  • Always keep all programs, devices and systems in the latest update made available by developers and manufacturers;
  • Avoid opening email attachments from unknown sources;
  • Do not click on links provided by suspicious places;
  • Have all users on a system or network use the recommended security settings;
  • In the case of companies, train employees on good safety behavior.

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