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What is Samsung Pass and how to use it

Samsung Pass (Android) is a management service present in the One UI interface of Samsung mobile phones. With the feature, it is possible to validate the login to websites and applications with biometrics, facial recognition or iris recognition without the need to enter your password at each access. Furthermore, it can also be used to store sensitive information such as addresses, notes and credit card data.

In a way, the service works as a password manager, as it stores your credentials and limits you to only one form of access, be it biometrics or device recognition. To use it, you need to activate it on your Samsung mobile phone and then validate the login for each application or website account. In the second case, using Samsung Pass to complete access is only supported by Samsung Internet browser.

If you already have a saved login, just choose Samsung Pass from the auto-complete options in the app and use your biometrics to complete the login. As part of the integration between Samsung’s services, the Pass can also be accessed through the company’s native Android interface keyboard. Through an icon in the toolbar, you can find notes, addresses, cards and saved logins. Check out how to use the service on your cell phone below!

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How to use Samsung Pass on mobile

Step 1: open the Samsung phone settings and select the “Biometry and security” option.

Step 2: then tap “Samsung Pass”.

Step 3: the service application will open. Tap “Continue” to proceed”.

Step 4: sign in with your Samsung account and validate access with your fingerprint.

Step 5: on the Samsung Pass main screen, you can view stored logins for websites and apps, with the option to add records manually. Scroll down to find notes, addresses and cards.

Step 6: to start using Samsung Pass, log in to an app or website via Samsung Internet. An auto-complete warning will be displayed. When viewing it, tap “Save”.

Step 7: on the next login attempt, tap the Samsung Pass option on auto-complete.

Step 8: use biometrics or face recognition to complete login and access your in-app account.

With these steps, you can use Samsung Pass to access websites and apps on your device.

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