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What would an abstract color sound like? This is what this Google experiment proposes

Considered one of the fathers of Art Moderna and a pioneer in the Abstractionist Movement, Vassily Kandinsky had a rare characteristic among artists: synesthesia. This phenomenon describes moments when a sense is invaded by involuntary experiences related to others – in Kandinsky’s case, he could hear sounds caused by colors and shapes.

In honor of the artist, Google Arts & Culture created a new online experience in which we were able to better understand how the artist interpreted the world. Through the site Play A Kandisnky, the company uses the famous Yellow, Red, Blue painting to show the different sounds produced by it.

The interactive experiment allows you to see – and hear – a green triangle like a violin, red and black circles like percussion elements and a piccolo being represented by a small light blue triangle. In addition to representing sounds, each tone chosen by the artist also brings an associated feeling – red represents confidence and joy, while deep blue mixes peace and mourning.

Held in partnership with the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Google initiative also includes an augmented reality art gallery (available for Android and iOS), articles with facts about the painter’s life and interviews with experts in his work. Via official Google Arts & Culture page, it is also possible to follow pictures of Kandinsky’s daily life, check out his walks with the dog Daisy and discover how his art affects the world until today.

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