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WhatsApp advances feature that archives messages forever

WhatsApp is advancing in the creation of the feature that allows you to archive messages forever. In the latest beta, the app made changes to the screen with archived conversations to indicate how the feature works. The change is not yet available to users, but was found on Android by WABetaInfo.

According to the website, the archived messages screen, which will be called “read later”, will indicate that conversations on the list are silenced to reduce interruptions. Today, the ability to archive does not silence conversations, and with that, they return to the main WhatsApp screen whenever a new message is sent.

“Read later” on WhatsApp (Image: Playback / WABetaInfo)

The change will keep the conversation hidden even if there are new messages. That explains the screen of the new feature. “The file is now read later”, indicates the app. “To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages are here and you will not receive any notifications.”

WhatsApp works in section

When the feature is released by WhatsApp, users will be able to choose the old model, in which conversations are unarchived and return to the main list when there are new messages. To do this, you only need to access the settings of the app and enable the option “move new messages”.

The new WhatsApp option is being tested at least since November and is not available even in the beta version. There is still no information on when it will be released to all messenger users.

WhatsApp lets you silence conversation forever

While the new feature does not become official, the closest WhatsApp offers is to silence conversations forever. The functionality was released in October on Android, iOS and the web version. The option “Always” entered the place “1 year” and started to be offered along with options to silence the conversation for “8 hours” and “1 week”.

The feature disables message notifications, but keeps them on the main WhatsApp list. Even if a muted conversation is archived, it will return to the app’s home screen when there is an update. To prevent a conversation from being highlighted again, you will need to wait for the “read later” option.

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