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Wii U’s Super Mario Maker to be closed by Nintendo

Super Mario Maker of Wii U its online services will be closed by Nintendo on March 31, 2021. The game will also be removed from the eShop digital store on February 13, but those who have already purchased it will be able to download it again as many times as they wish – in addition, the physical edition will continue to work normally, without the online components.

This means that the game will basically lose half of its appeal. In Super Mario Maker, players build and share entire stages or sets of stages in the Super Mario series, using various visual and mechanical resources to do so.

You can share your creations or play other players’ creations, sent over the Internet. Without the online component, this will no longer be possible. However, content sent before the shutdown can be played normally.

Nintendo also announced that it will close, also in March, the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website, which acts as a “set of favorites” for stages created in the game. Anyone wishing to save anything kept there must do so before closing.

Super Mario Maker 2

All shutdowns and changes do not affect the operation of Switch’s Super Mario Maker 2. The game is a continuation of the first, with new levels and new ways to build content for players.

In addition, Super Mario Maker 2 also has a “story mode”, with a campaign where you can play levels created by Nintendo, in search of coins to build a castle for Mario.

The game resembles the first in the sense of playing content online, shared by other fans or by the user himself.

With information: NintendoLife.

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