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Windows 10: How to display the Start menu in full screen

Rearrange the Windows 10 Start menu and change operating system settings to display it full screen.

There are two schools when it comes to using the Windows 10 Start menu. First, there are those who rigorously organize the most used applications by pinning them for easy and quick access, possibly by expanding the space. occupied by the panel, and those who launch applications by searching for them directly in the field provided for this purpose.

But the Windows 10 Start menu can also be opened in full screen. This will prove especially useful for users who group their apps by pinning them by tasks or categories and whose Start menu in its original form has grown too small. Here’s how to make Windows 10 Start menu full screen.

1. Open settings

Click on the Start menu and go to the Settings Windows 10. Then access the menu dedicated to Customizing the operating system.

2. Change the Start menu options

In the side column, enter the section dedicated to the menu Start. You should find an option there Use the full screen splash screen which then suffices to activate.

When you click on the Windows 10 Start menu, it will now take up the entire display area of ​​your screen.

This will make it easier to navigate through the pinned apps you’ve grouped together, and you’ll still be able to access the full list of apps installed on your machine.

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