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Windows 10 should get rounded corners and floating Start menu

The next major update for Windows 10 is still far from users, but rumors are strong and the latest ensures that almost every corner of the interface with 90-degree angles will receive curves. Another change doesn’t go down my throat and it may indicate the presence of a floating Start menu, clearly separated from the operating system’s taskbar.

While the next update for Windows 10, called 21H1, has already been confirmed by Microsoft with minor changes and solutions for security flaws, the work to change more of the operating system is for sometime in the second half of this year. Named Sun Valley 21H2, this next update will be able to deliver rounded corners for practically the entire user interface present in the operating system.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you may have noticed that the Microsoft OS is stuffed with corners with 90 degree angles. This look has been part of the software since Windows 8 and is present in items such as windows, context menus and text fields, but a rumor raised by the site Windows Latest it can reverse the trend – not as drastically, as in colorful Windows XP.

In fact, the move to rounded corners has been slow cooking since mid-2019, and it should be more present in the update responsible for delivering Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley, and then be part of third-party applications and programs with the launch of WinUI 3. In this next update, the Start menu changes corners for curves and it will be visually separated from the taskbar.

The look is not as different as the current one and I am pretty sure that most users will not even notice the small space between the beginning of the menu, the taskbar below. Looking at the image, two things bother me, the first being the feeling of this menu losing part of its identity, but the worst of all is the alignment that currently exists between the icons on the left, just above the Windows icon.

At least in the image released by Windows Latest, the Start menu icon is to the left and everything else to the right. This may be just the interface used to make it clear that the menu is now floating. Ew.

Other Windows 10 points also receive curves

In addition to the Start menu, the rumor points that the menus displayed when the user clicks with the right mouse button will also have the same rounded corners. Next to them will be the popup items, which will also start to eliminate corners by 90 degrees.

Windows 10 21H2 items may receive rounded corners (image: reproduction / Windows Latest)

Windows 10 buttons, text boxes and other points will continue to have sharp corners, even after Sun Valley reaches users.

The update is expected to appear for testing sometime near the beginning of the next quarter, with the update reaching users across the planet in the following months – probably between October and November 2021.

With information: Windows Latest.

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