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Windows 10X leaks with interface similar to Chrome OS

Images and animated gifs with details of Windows 10X were leaked on the internet, showing that Microsoft’s work has changed and this operating system aimed at simpler computers has an interface almost identical to Google’s Chrome OS for Chromebooks, present on tablets or even notebooks.

Windows 10X is still a mystery, appearing briefly on the Surface Neo and its two screens in October 2019 and in some announcements here and there. It hasn’t been released yet, but the look presented since its first appearance makes it clear that the idea here is of a kind of Windows that runs programs and the system itself in full screen, much like the iPadOS and Android for tablets .

Now, after a generous leak of what is apparently an almost final version of the software, it is possible to imagine where Windows 10X fits in and this space makes me understand that it is exactly the same occupied by the simplest hardware on Chromebooks. This goal seems so marked at Microsoft that this new operating system looks like Chrome OS with a skin for Windows apps on top.

Windows 10X home screen (Image: Playback / The Verge)

It all starts with the system’s home screen. There the Start button still exists and it has the same format as the homonymous function in traditional Windows 10, but in Windows 10X it is centered on the bottom bar and it opens a full screen with list of apps, universal search bar and recently opened documents. If you take away part of the files that you’ve used recently, it’s almost the same screen as Chrome OS and the similarity also exists in the centralized icons – both in the dock and in the application tray.

Windows 10X (Image: Playback / The Verge)

The comparison continues in the lower right corner, where in both Windows 10X and Chrome OS, the user finds a list of quick adjustments and all notifications sent by installed applications. The account name, on / off and adjustment buttons are also the same and are present here.

Windows 10X File Explorer is simpler, minimalist and displays fewer functions or settings. In it you choose the source of the files in a column on the right and you can see the contents of the folders on the right. Simple and straightforward, again similar to the same function in Chrome OS.

Windows 10X File Explorer (Image: Playback / The Verge)

Windows are different in Windows 10X

With a pause in the similarities with Chrome OS, we have the window system. Windows was born precisely for them and its name, translated into Portuguese, means “Windows”. In Windows 10X they are still present, the buttons to close and minimize are also on the right side, but the maximize button is gone. This happens due to a limitation of the operating system, which allows only windows that are completely open or sharing space with another one – more or less like iPadOS on iPads.

Another very important detail is that, apparently, Microsoft will only distribute Windows 10X with new hardware and to partner companies. This method of doing business is different from Windows 10, which can be purchased freely at retail or on the software giant’s own page.

If on the one hand the change may limit its adoption, on the other hand Microsoft may have adopted a strategy to ensure that Windows 10X will run well with the components chosen by the authorized manufacturer. It is to control the software and hardware more closely, this tends to be positive.

There is still no forecast for the launch of this operating system, or the first notebook that will come with it installed, but I can assure you that I am excited to see what solutions will be released with Windows 10X – maybe I will change my old Chromebook from war.

With information: The Verge.

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