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With new design and USB-C, iPad Mini can inherit powerful A15 chip from iPhone 13

Just a week ago, new information emerged regarding the new iPad Mini, Apple’s compact tablet model that will receive the biggest design change in its history. Now, new information from 9to5mac consolidate the June rumors and raise expectations for its release.

According to the details disclosed by the website, Apple is working on updating the sixth generation iPad Mini with USB-C connectivity and also offering the Smart Connector, a three-pin magnetic connector on the back of the iPad Pro and iPad Air that allows data and energy transfer. with the use of covers and keyboards.

The new iPad Mini, codenamed J310, will be equipped with the powerful Apple A15 processor that is expected to equip the entire iPhone 13 line and offer higher speed and lower power consumption.

Using the Smart Connector on the iPad Mini reinforces expectations that the device can adopt smart skins and perhaps keyboards like the Smart Keyboard that keep the iPad Pro and Air “floating”. The USB-C port should open the iPad Mini to a whole new world of accessories.

Still according to the 9to5mac, Apple is already planning a new version of the entry-level iPad, codenamed J181, equipped with A13 Bionic processor and iPad Air 3 design from 2019. This model is expected to replace the current version of the iPad, which is equipped with A12 chip. More details and release forecast are still unknown.

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