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Worrying: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 can be used to hack passwords

We are not tired of saying: Nvidia haunted the world with its new GeForce RTX 30 Series cards, extremely powerful, whether for work or games. But, these cards can also be useful for more complicated and, to some extent, bad tasks. An example: using the card to find passwords.

We often forget passwords and use applications and tools to rediscover them, but the downside of this is that loopholes are opened up so that users can use these resources to access other people’s passwords. One of those programs used for this purpose is Passcovery, which, after its last update, started to work much better and, with the help of a card like the RTX 3090, gave performance was, to say the least, scary.

With the release of Passcovery Suite 20.09 for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDR, Zip, iOS backups and a host of other popular applications and file formats, it was possible to add support for GPU acceleration in the app not only for the RTX 3090, but for all other RTX 30 Series cards. Experimental studies of clock signals between CPU and GPU have led to a breakthrough in GPU acceleration on Nvidia graphics cards with brute force password attacks for classic encrypted Zip files.

RTX cards can enhance programs to discover passwords (Image: Disclosure / Nvidia)

In its tests using Passcovery Suite 20.09, the company was able to perform brute force Zip password attacks with Nvidia GPUs, which were able to generate 669 million passwords per second. At the same time, the speed of password lookups has also increased by 30% for TrueCrypt PBKDF / Whirlpool / AES volumes and by 4% for Microsoft Office 2007-2019.

Fortunately, software like Passcovery is mainly used to find passwords in locally stored files, so the threat of hackers using the power of the RTX 3090 to gain access to your files does not seem very likely. But, of course, it is good to keep an eye.

Source: TechRadar

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