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Would you live? Discover the first European house made entirely by 3D printing

Would you live in a residence built entirely using 3D printing? This is the reality of a Dutch couple, who now live in the first European house made with this technology.

The house that now serves as home for Elize Lutz and Harrie Dakkers, aged 70 and 67, is 94 square meters. To be able to enter the building, it is necessary to have access to a kind of digital key. The door, in turn, opens with the command of a button. Can you be more tech ?!

This is only the first of five houses in the same style, which are being designed by the construction company Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix. This is a project called Milestone, a partnership between the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) and a real estate company called Vesteda.

The house was built with the help of a robotic arm that uses a special cement. This cement is designed according to the architect’s plan, and the procedure is similar to the 3D printers that are already known: applying layer upon layer to create a wall and increase its strength. Are you curious? See how it is:

The 3D printing method has been seen in European industry as a way to cut costs and environmental damage by reducing the amount of cement that is used. In the Netherlands, it also offers an alternative at a time when there is a shortage of qualified bricklayers.

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