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Xiaomi responds to rumors about electric car design

Last Friday (19), we talked about rumors about a Xiaomi car – the electric vehicle would be under development under the direct care of Lei Jun, the company’s CEO and founder. After several rumors, the Chinese manufacturer officially responded to speculation, stating that there is no approved project for the auto sector.

In a statement to the international media, Xiaomi did not go so far as to deny its claim to develop an electric car, but said that we will have to “wait and see”. The vague positioning may indicate that the project is in the early stages of planning or development. Or it can really attest that the Chinese will continue to focus on smartphones and other electronics.

Rumors based on a report by the iFengNews indicated that Xiaomi planned to start focusing on its own car starting this month – to soon compete with companies like Tesla. However, no additional details about the model or timeline had been revealed.

Xiaomi electric car concept

This is not the first time that speculation about the Chinese giant’s entry into the EV market has spread in the media: the first rumors emerged in 2014. Then, in 2019, Xiaomi rehearsed a debut in the automotive industry in partnership with FAW, creating two custom SUV models.

It is worth remembering that recently Apple also seems to have turned its attention to the segment. The owner of the iPhone would be negotiating with companies in the sector to build her Apple Car, an autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel and without pedals, but the matter was not confirmed by the manufacturer.

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