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YouTube: five tips to take advantage of the new interface on iPhone and Android

YouTube is in the process of deploying a new interface on its mobile application. Find out everything you need to know to benefit effectively.

YouTube’s mobile app is getting a makeover. Google is currently in the process of deploying a new interface within its application on iOS and Android.

On the program, new interface elements are appearing, while others have been moved to offer users more intuitive navigation. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of these new features.

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1. Navigate through videos using chaptering

If the video chaptering was inaugurated a few months ago, YouTube has decided to simplify this navigation system a little more.

Now, by showing the control buttons on the video being played, just press the title of the current chapter to deploy the complete list of chapters of the video accompanied for each by a thumbnail.

2. Display the subtitles

If previously you had to go into the video options to enable closed captioning, now all you have to do is activate the video controls and press the icon. CC displayed at the top right for access.

3. Disable next video playback

Likewise, the option to disable or re-enable automatic playback of the next video has been moved. Previously located below the video, it can now be found in the options displayed at the top right of the video when control buttons are displayed.

4. Activate or exit full screen mode

In this new version of the application, YouTube introduces new touch gestures to enter or exit full screen mode. When the video is playing, at the top of the screen, slide your finger upward on the video to switch to full screen.

Likewise, to exit the video playing in full screen mode, slide your finger down the screen.

5. Set up a bedtime reminder

If, like many people, you promise to go to bed earlier than the previous night every night, but you always go to bed later, you can set up a reminder on YouTube to invite you to go to bed.

To do this, from the home page of the application, tap on your avatar at the top right, then enter the Viewing duration menu. Scroll through the settings and enable the Notify me when it is bedtime option. In the window that appears, define the time period during which you plan to sleep. Finally, remember to uncheck the option Wait until the end of the current video to display the reminder.

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