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YouTube to Launch Thumbnail Window Mode for Premium Users on iOS

After Google takes the mode Picture-in-Picture (PiP) for Chrome, last month YouTube will do the same on iOS. The novelty had already landed as a native feature of Apple’s operating system, but the video service had blocked the option. Now, premium users of the platform will be able to watch the videos in the thumbnail and floating window on the iPhone or iPad.

PiP allows you to view audiovisual content on a small miniplayer while using other apps on mobile devices. The idea is to start with those who pay and then expand that mode to everyone on iOS, starting with the US.

To use, just open any video within the YouTube app and go back to the iPhone home screen. When doing this, the content should continue to play, but in a small, movable window, with proper playback, forward and backward controls superimposed on the image. There is also the shortcut to minimize and return to the application and to close the window.

While not as widely used on phones, Picture-in-Picture is very useful on large screens like the iPad because it lets you perform simultaneous tasks without interrupting a video. In the case of a class, for example, you can open a text editor and write down the main points without having to switch applications.

Free service users will continue to see ads, even on PiP. The mode will not support audio playback, unlike those who are premium, who will be able to enjoy the sounds without any advertisements to interrupt the experience.

As usual, the release of functionality should take place gradually. Google can take up to 15 days to make it available to all users, so it’s recommended to keep the app up to date and wait.

What did you think of this news coming to YouTube for iOS just now? Will it be useful to you or will it change nothing? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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