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ZenBook Duo and Pro Duo: Asus polishes its dual-screen laptops

For 2021, Asus has managed to erase the main flaw of the first Zenbook Pro Duo, released at the end of 2019: the inability to vary the inclination of the second screen, located above the keyboard. The technical platforms are also updated with the latest Intel and Nvidia components of the moment.

14 or 15 inches? Asus’ ZenBook Duo (UX482) and Pro Duo (UX582) are back in the limelight and both benefit from the same technical improvements. The most obvious? When you unfold the main screen (14 or 15 inches), the second – 12.6 inches and positioned just above the keyboard, also rises. It is now positioned at an angle of 7 ° or 9.5 ° depending on the model, to ensure better visibility; it is no longer clad to the housing, as on the first generation of machine. Hooray!

Asus has used its research on the Zephyrus Duo gaming PC and adapted it to larger consumer PCs to get rid of this technical handicap. Another novelty for 2021: this 12.6-inch panel (IPS and 3840 x 1100 whatever the machine) can act as a mini graphics tablet! It is possible to run the mine of a touch pen to draw, take notes, etc.

The second slab also retains its former prerogatives. It can serve as a second display area – tactile – and extend your workspace while ensuring intelligent management of windows and displayed content (see image above). It can also act as an independent screen or transform into a Touch Bar with Asus sauce. However, the software you are using must be optimized upstream. Or whether you spend time adjusting the shortcuts, via the in-house software interface made available by Asus and which, we have been assured, can be easily adjusted … We will judge on time! Interested developers can also contact Asus to gain access to the SDK and offer their interface optimizations for their software if they wish.

ZenBook Duo keep Intel Cores

ZenBook Duo 14 is powered by the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors. The Zenbook Pro Duo, however, remains in 10th generation Core (Comet Lake-H). Both, however, share the same type of case, made of an aluminum and magnesium alloy. Asus announces that the Duo 14 weighs only 1.69 kilograms and that its maximum thickness is 1.6 cm. As for the Pro Duo, nothing changes: 2.40 cm thick for 2.5 kilos on the scale.

Depending on the size of the ZenBook screen, the connections may vary slightly, but Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 1.4 and full-frame USB 3.2 Gen 1 are there no matter what. A microSD reader is also present on the 14 inches.

  • Zenbook Duo UX482

The 14-inch and its Full HD + panel, moreover, use an 11th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 U-type processor (1135G7 or 1165G7), set to consume 14 watts. However, thanks to a smart tool from Asus, it can upgrade to 28 watts (and therefore operate at full capacity) if circumstances permit. Up to 32 GB of LPDDR4x (soldered / 4266 MHz) memory and up to 1 TB of SSD will be part of the party. The 14-inch graphics part (Intel Iris Xe) can share the spotlight with a GeForce MX450 depending on the version. The battery of the device would last 17 hours. Asus delivers two chargers with the machine. One of them ends with a USB-C socket to use the PC when traveling and in office / surf mode (without a dedicated GPU therefore). The other, larger, is able to power the ZenBook Duo in all cases and will more readily stay at home. Or in the office.

  • Zenbook Pro Duo UX582

It keeps its 10th generation Intel Core processors and can carry the most powerful of them (Core i9). These chips remain much more cut out for its measurements and the aspirations of the machine. Moreover, it can offer up to 64 GB of memory. At the GPU level, one of the all new GeForce RTX Series 30 is at the helm. Enough to allow you to play from time to time but, above all, to use the power of the Ampere architecture to accelerate compatible applications. The most high-end versions of the Pro Duo will offer OLED type panels that will display your best images in 4K.

The Asus Zenbook Duo and Pro Duo 2021 edition are not expected before spring 2021. We will have to be patient. Zenbook Duo, the 14 inch, will be offered from March at a price of Around 1800 euros. Zenbook Pro Duo OLED will, for its part, be marketed from 3300 euros.

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