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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in Kenya

Social media has made it possible for millions of people across the globe to share their stories and connect with each other. Ever since its inception, Instagram has garnered many users with close to half a billion users in a day. The platform has been highly used by individuals, influencers, and businesses to push their agenda to different audiences. Brands currently post on Instagram in Kenya to reach a larger audience, whose numbers are skyrocketing daily.

Although it is an excellent portal to post pictures and share ideas, Instagram has a different algorithm from many other social media sites. The app has made it harder for visible posts to be shared, as it prioritizes those of close friends and family.

Business posts are, therefore, not easily added to the queues. Moreover, less weighting is provided to such posts which are embedded with links that might prompt users to leave the Instagram app.

To bypass all this, Instagram influencers and businesses which use the platform have to get their game leveled up. This included knowing the best time to post on Instagram in Kenya. The most targeted moment is when the majority of people will be checking out their accounts and timelines.

Understanding the perfect time should not, however, coincide with when many of those people will be uploading their content – quite a tough task.

Trying to figure out the perfect time to get more interaction from the followers, puzzles even the most social media savvy personnel. There are many factors that come into play when doing so.

The most common one is the time the majority of followers log into their accounts. Timing is everything, tied along with other factors, to help get more engagement on an Instagram post.

Since the competition (if advertising a brand) will also be targeting the same audience, they might also be uploading their content at the same time. More creative means will be needed to get through such.

If one chooses to post at a time when there will be limited competition, it also means that few people will be looking at their Instagram walls and the likelihood of the post being seen will be low.

Why is Time Important When Posting on Instagram?

The most common question asked by influencers and businesses alike is when the best time to post on Instagram is. In itself, the question implies that time is a very crucial aspect when sharing the information which should reach a multitude.

The main reason for this is that the user should stay at the top of the algorithm changes. This is achieved by engaging with the community when the majority of them are online and active, instead of not being traceable on their feeds.

If a post receives a lot of engagement when it goes live, Instagram’s algorithm interprets this as quality content. Before long, the said post will be pushed up, at the top of the feeds of the majority of followers the account has.

Being at the top of many people’s timelines means that more will see the post; hence good enough for pushing the particular brand.

There is really not a perfect time to share content on the social media site as it all varies from one person and business to another. The best way to figure out the prime time to post on Instagram in Kenya is through the testing and research method.

How to Use Testing and Research for Picking the Best Time to Post on Instagram

1)   Set reasonable parameters

Any research demands that one should have set realistic goals and parameters. For how long should the study last for? The best period of research to choose should be around a month. One should upload their content at least three different times a day to get the best insights.

2)   Investigate the audience

At this point, one should already have a rough idea of who their followers (or ideal followers) are and have more information concerning how they are like. The second, therefore, requires the user to ask more questions concerning their audience;

  • Knowing the followers better

This is the time to start making valid assumptions by putting oneself into the shoes of the followers. Do they wake up early for their morning workouts at 7 A.M? Are they working professionals who may be on their way home at 5 P.M? Are the majority of them mothers of young children who nap on their couches at 9 when all the kids are asleep?

These and many other questions should be asked when trying to understand the audience much better.

  • Check the analytics

Analytics are vital as they let the user know what times of the day their followers were most active. This is achieved by Instagram’s native analytics tool. Accessing this data is rather simple, head on to the ‘Insights’ icon from the user’s profile then navigate to the followers’ section.

After doing so, toggling between the days thereafter becomes easy. The data received will show which days and times the audience was most active.

  • Check the location

Knowing the time-zones is an essential factor, especially when trying to share a brand to a broad audience. Where are the majority of the active followers from? If using a business Instagram account, gaining access to such information may also not be a big bother.

Just by following the same procedure as indicated above, one should head to Insights, scroll down to followers, click on ‘see more’. Top locations by towns, cities, and countries will be displayed.

3)   Look at the research.

With analytics, the user will have a lot of valuable data concerning their audience. A closer look at the behavior and wants of the followers, the more tailored the posts will be. By knowing them better, it will be easier to pick the best time to post on Instagram in Kenya.

During the testing period, content can be uploaded outside of the working hours – early mornings or in the evening. Figure out what period the followers might be on their lunch breaks, as this is another point of the day where many people log into their accounts.

Instagram users in Kenya tend to log in more in the morning (6 A.M to 9 A.M) and in the evenings (between 5 P.M and 10 P.M).

Furthermore, check out the difference in engagement during the week and over the weekends. The most important announcements or promotions should be carried out during those peak times.

4)   Check the performance metrics.

This is the final reveal for the month’s hard work. After posting several times daily, now is the time to figure out when there was more engagement on the posts. At what times were there few?

5)   Rinse and repeat

Try posting at the periods of the day when many people are active. It should be done for a couple of days to see whether there will be any change or improvement. If an increase in engagement is noticed, then those are the best times and invest in more essential posts at such a time.

However, if they don’t get the interaction they once received from the audience, then it might be other factors that one should check out, especially the quality of what is posted.

To improve one’s testing matrix, it is paramount to look at the competition. If there is anyone else, who has the same agenda and targeting the same audience, turn on notifications to be notified of the time they share content.

This can help in understanding not only the competitor better, but also knowing the correct times when engagement is high.

The Most Effective Times to Post by the Week

The first thing to keep in mind is that unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, the majority of users access Instagram from their mobile phones. According to research, the best time for one to post on Instagram is when they have some downtime or looking for a distraction from work.

These moments include;

  • Early Morning – This is when many people check their Instagram when they wake up and also on their commute to work
  • Lunchtime on weekdays – This mostly takes place between 12 noon and 2 P.M
  • After work hours – Mostly from 5 P.M to 8 P.M. Many people are on their commute back home at this time and will probably take a rest once at home. This ‘rest’ is basically logging in to their social media accounts

What is the best time to post on Instagram during the week?

This is a common question whose answer is pretty much standard. The days of the week, Monday to Thursday, aren’t all that different. This is because most Instagram users go through almost the same routine over and over.

Some will be having work to prepare for while others school. Either way, on such days, the best time for one to get more engagement on their posts are;

  • 6 A.M – when the majority of people are waking up, having a quick look at their Instagram stories
  • 7 A.M – this is the time when people are on their commute to work or school, depending on the audience being targeted
  • 12 P.M to 2 P.M – this is the standard time for many people to be out on lunch breaks. This is the perfect time to have more engagement as people will be scrolling through their social media accounts to keep abreast of the latest stories
  • 4 P.M to 6 P.M – many users are getting out of work or school at such times. While on their commute back home, most of them will be checking out their Instagram, hence a perfect time to share content.
  • 10 P.M to 11 P.M – this is the moment when many people with busy schedules the following day go to sleep. Many of them will have a sneak peek of their phones before calling it a day. It is also an excellent time to share Instagram content.

Fridays are a little different. It is okay to post in the morning and mid-afternoon times indicated above. However, posting past such times is best avoided as many people will be planning their weekend and may not have the time to comment or like Instagram posts.

The Most Effective Times to Post over the Weekend

During the weekends, many people tend to wake up rather late; between 9 A.M and 11 A.M. The majority of them feel like lazing around in bed, and social media is where many of them are active on then.

The other effective moment to post is the weekend afternoons. Many people prefer to sleep in. Some of them will, however, still be glued to their screens while on Instagram and other social media platforms. For those who wonder if Saturday is a good time to post on Instagram in Kenya, any time would be okay as it is technically the day off for many people.

Theoretically, many should be on their phones the entire day. However, posting past 8 P.M on a Saturday should be avoided as people have their own Saturday night plans. Sharing content at such a time will only bring disappointments. Sunday should be treated the same.


From the information above, unfortunately, there is no precise time that is perfect to post on Instagram in Kenya. Instead, all the times mentioned are based on extensive research. There will be more engagement when one combines these times with the data they get from their Insights.

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