WhatsApp messenger reaches 2 billion users


  • WhatsApp has announced its milestone of reaching 2 billion active users worldwide
  • The same figure was clocked by its parent company Facebook back in 2017
  • Whatsapp has emphasized on the necessity for credible data encryption

Whatsapp has reached the unimaginable milestone of 2 billion active users. The Facebook-owned messaging service has announced through a blog post that it has over 2 billion users, a figure that its father company Facebook hit in 2017.

Whatsapp hardly explained how it managed to gain the users but it is evident from recent statistics that the messaging platform has become the talk of every moment in many parts in the world.

Whatsapp has gained usage in various life aspects linking different groups of people from shopping to politics and social interaction.

The messaging service faces minimal competition with the lead competitor being its sibling the Facebook Messenger.

By the achievement, Whatsapp has emphasized on its dedication for their users’ privacy evident in their end-to-end encryption feature.

The company has argued that data encryption was moving into a user-necessity category of a feature. It has challenged giant countries like USA, UK and Australia to reconsider their plans to weaken data encryption efforts in the name of fighting crime, and with its 2 billion users now, Whatsapp believes it has a better part in the case.

WhatsApp’s recent milestone comes barely months after it became the second non-Google app to clock 5 billion installs on the Google Play Store.

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