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    10 Top-rated Travel Apps for Kenyans in 2020

    The ever-evolving travel industry has been burgeoning each year. In the wake of this realization, most companies are leveraging on the 10 top-rated travel apps for Kenyans in 2020. Knowing the backbone of such a thriving business keeps you abreast of the needful, as well as improving agility and efficiency in an increasingly cutthroat market.

    Any company that needs to thrive in this business can hire a web design company; to develop for them a travel app.

    When developing travel apps, some features must be available for convenience purposes such as smart booking, SEO optimization, easy transaction, and options to review. This write-up discusses some free travel apps for Android and iOS.

    Easy navigation travel apps

    1. Google Maps

    This user-friendly application gives you ample time to navigate different places. It also helps you decide on the route when walking, on public transport, taxi, or even cycling.
    You can go further and explore the available supermarkets, restaurants, and all amenities close to your location.

    With Google maps, you can type the location you are interested in, and you have access to everything within your reach. Furthermore, switching between the modes of traveling does not affect your itinerary. Unlike the old travel guides stashed away until the time of traveling, Google Maps is updated continuously.

    2. TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurant

    Being able to access the best hotels and travel destinations in no longer a hassle. The TripAdvisor application is your go-to solution. You can compare prices for different places you would like to spend time when you are away from home.

    Imagine using an application with over 700 million reviews from most destinations around the world. Following travel experts and friends using the app is also easy. You can have a peek at available travel videos, and read articles that inspire you.

    3. Hopper
    The advantage hopper has over other apps is the fact that it lets you know when to book and when to wait whenever it comes to both hotels and flights.

    When prices are updated, this application notifies you. Additionally, it is downloadable on both Android and iOS. Hopper is as easy as 123. Once you type in your preferred area of visit, a well-outlined colored calendar pops up, providing you with the most convenient travel dates according to your travel schedule.

    4. Skyscanner
    Talk of a completed booking application. Apart from running on windows, users can compare and efficiently find appropriate months and days to fly from their calendars.
    It is a game-changer in the travel industry.

    Moreover, you do not end up digging deep in your pocket when planning for holiday trips. Through travel partners, the application offers top options and affordable searches.

    5. Airbnb

    A house with an extra room can make you money. This app gives you the chance to list a space in your home where thousands of users can see and rent.
    Besides, if you are traveling and would love to find the best prices, Airbnb is an online market place and will have you sorted out your needs.

    6. Google Trips

    Google Trips is the best for making an itinerary that comes free on Android and iOS. It is streamlined thus provides suggestions on various activities, how to plan for your trip and daily plans.

    The feature offers tips on getting around upon arriving at your destination. Another exciting thing about Google Trips is that it directs you to places you can find Wi-Fi, tipping, currency, shopping districts, and hospital services.

    7. Kayak

    The beauty of using KAYAK is the aggregation it offers as it can filter hotels and airlines to your convenience.

    Apart from offering flight options, changing destinations and dates is a walk in the park. Furthermore, a person can check out for hotels and car rentals in areas within their reach. In short, it acts as your trip planner by providing all the necessary information in real-time.

    8. App in the air

    Talk of having a flying assistant with the snap of a finger. When it comes to getting the right itineraries, you don’t have to look any further.

    It secures flying programs, and all boarding passes. What makes it have an edge over all the other available travel apps is the combination of reality. Besides, you can be able to track your carry-on before getting into your next flight.

    If you require early morning coffee or want to know where to get the most fantastic cocktail in the morning, it’s the best. App in the air gets information from other travelers.

    9. Trabee Pocket
    Are you meticulous about tracking all expenses when going on a trip? Trabee caters to the needs of all business-savvy travelers. Apart from having a calculator, you can get it free on Android and iOS.

    10. Rome2rio

    Globetrotters finally have all their needs at an arm’s length. Rome2rio collects data from around 160 countries, with extensive worldwide travel resources.

    Type in your destination, and address, you get to know of all activities you can undertake and available accommodation.

    With the provision of the named travel apps, you don’t have to experience the hassle and bustle to your travel destination. After packing your bags, getting to your area of visit is a seamless affair.


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