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    Fort Jesus renovated to help tell monument’s rich history

    Fort Jesus has undergone a complete revamp and overhaul after incurring losses worth Ksh 10 million during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Unesco world heritage received Ksh 150 million to help adopt its new model. This would also attract tourists to the monument, 

    3D projection, including lasers, holograms, mapping, and magnificent fireworks at night, will help tell the rich story of Fort Jesus.

    The new image will help attract more tourists to the site.

    The Old Town, Mombasa, hosts Fort Jesus, which attracts both local and international tourists. Other visitors in the area include culturalists, historians, students, and researchers who come to learn about its opulent history, including the slave trade.

    The Ministry of Sports and Cultural Heritage has collaborated with Jays Pyrotechnics to showcase Fort Jesus’ story every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Mrs. Jayshree Suchack, Jays Pyrotechnics director, says the rich history depicted in the facility inspired her during a visit two years ago. That’s when the idea about revamping the place came to life. She then consulted with creatives and archeologists on how best to do it.

    “Two years ago, we gathered well-known historians and archeologists to get the right script. This led to the production, which is currently underway. The production for the 40 minutes show cost us Ksh 150 million,” she said.

    Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Heritage, and Culture, and Portuguese official watched 270 Kg of firework blaze in the Old Town in late November.

    Although the firm had plans of launching the project in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hindered the process. Old Town suffered a blow in the tourism sector following the pandemic, which saw most sites remain closed.

    The entire experience will cost each individual Ksh 1,500; 20 percent will go to the monument. The CS praised the initiative saying it would popularize Mombasa while telling Kenya’s story.

    Jays Pyrotechnics Limited has additionally collaborated with Singapore for a similar show in Disneyland and New Delhi.

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