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    Reasons why your Toyota Wish overheat

    Overheating is one of the challenges experienced by drivers with Toyota Wish now and in the past. Probably, the heating occurs as a result of either leaking cylinder or cooling flaws in the system. The cooling system can exonerate as a result of performing an overhaul on the system if there is an incomplete service. Some of the components you should focus on include radiator,...

    How did Boxing Day Come to Be?

    Have you ever asked yourself about Boxing Day and how the name came to existence? I'm sure from the many interactions, we've come across various answers and meaning. What is the meaning of Boxing Day? There're a lot of arguments surrounding the name Boxing Day. In this write-up, you'll come across a more in-depth explanation that will help understand the day better. However, it's worth noting...

    The Bitter Sweet Reality of Destination Coast this Festive Season

    Life in Mombasa has always promised a fun-filled encounter with paradise scenes observed in most parts of the streets. Many Kenyans choose to visit the coastal city and experience what life has to offer. This year alone, many taxpayers have downed their tools because of poor work-related issues and the country's depressing economy. In Mombasa, locals are busy preparing to host large crowds of local...

    10 Top-rated Travel Apps for Kenyans in 2020

    The ever-evolving travel industry has been burgeoning each year. In the wake of this realization, most companies are leveraging on the 10 top-rated travel apps for Kenyans in 2020. Knowing the backbone of such a thriving business keeps you abreast of the needful, as well as improving agility and efficiency in an increasingly cutthroat market. Any company that needs to thrive in this business can...
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