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    Reasons why your Toyota Wish overheat

    Overheating is one of the challenges experienced by drivers with Toyota Wish now and in the past. Probably, the heating occurs as a result of either leaking cylinder or cooling flaws in the system.

    The cooling system can exonerate as a result of performing an overhaul on the system if there is an incomplete service.

    Some of the components you should focus on include radiator, water pump, fans, and the thermostat.

    Reasons why Toyota wish overheat;

    1.Use of tap water instead of coolant:

    Due to build up of rust in use of tap water can make the cooling system degrade after traveling for thousands of kilometers. But if you happen to replace the radiator and the problem persists, then this is not the cause.

    2.Having a stuck thermostat:

    Removing wires in the fan and firing up instantly can cause overheating. Therefore, you might consider having complete thermostat ectomy instead of removal.

    3.When the engine block is warped:

    Warping of an engine block can worsen with time and lead to loss of power, which leads to overheating in the vehicle. Warping of the engine can occur as a result of having a leaking head gasket.

    4.Damage of head gasket:

    It would be best if you kept on checking the head gasket, whether it has any problem. Also, test and have a physical inspection done on the coolant to test any oil slicks. The testing checks for any mixture between fuel and air into the coolant and identifying oil for white suspension.

    5.Failed water pump:

    Failing water pump is done using electrical means to avoid burning your hand on the hot hose. A poorly functioning thermostat that does not activate water pump accordingly can hinder flow of water to a pump.

    6.Early signs of failure in engine:

    Overheating leads to loss of more power, which can probably occur if the engine is failing. Therefore, you should consider either averting the failure or repairing it in advance.

    7.Having an old and queer Toyota Wish:

    Riding a Toyota Wish with 1AZ engine that has 2.0 liters and an engine which was manufactured before 2007, makes the head bolt thread wear out fast. The wearing causes the cylinder to get lose and leads to overheating.

    An old Toyota Wish can only be cured by having an engine swap to downgrade to 1ZZ that is found in 1.8 liter Wish.

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