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    The Bitter Sweet Reality of Destination Coast this Festive Season

    Life in Mombasa has always promised a fun-filled encounter with paradise scenes observed in most parts of the streets. Many Kenyans choose to visit the coastal city and experience what life has to offer.

    This year alone, many taxpayers have downed their tools because of poor work-related issues and the country’s depressing economy. In Mombasa, locals are busy preparing to host large crowds of local tourists from Nairobi and other farfetched cities.

    Hotels are set to hike their room charges as they seek to attract more customers. In the streets, you will see businesses stocking their shelves in preparation for the forthcoming festive season.

    So, how is life expected to be?

    It is expected that all the locals touring the city to be excited at the moment they board the luxurious SGR railway from Syokimau terminus to Mombasa terminus. The fares do not hike compared to the ordinary public service vehicles in town.

    Once in the town, there are taxis and other public transport services available to take you to the destination of choice. Once there, you will find a hospitable environment and book a room that you will enjoy the rest of your holiday. You can either book a room at the destination or online using hotel booking sites like, etc.

    But will that be the case this year?

    Away from imagining what life will be and what to expect, let’s get back to the unnerving reality. The City of Mombasa has recently been on the news for the not so charming story. Jobs have been reduced to a near halt as traders and businesses being affected by the governments’ ban on container transport using the road.

    Many Kenyans have chosen to stay at work and earn extra cash than spending their hard-earned money in Mombasa. The beaches have not yet witnessed the large crowds that usually describe them during the preceding December periods.

    Up to now, the SGR train scheduled to depart on the 30th of December is not yet fully booked. During the past season, one would not get a train seat weeks before the traveling date.

    What the city has to offer for the wealthy

    For the wealthy, the difference does not matter whether it is on December holidays or Easter. Their financial status remains the same as always. With enough money, local tourists can still enjoy living in five-star hotels and dining in exclusive joints with family and friends.

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