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    These are the 5 Best Cars for Road Trips and Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

    The vehicle you use while on a road trip or vacation should add joy to the experience. It should not be there to trigger anxiety in you or your loved ones.

    Renting a holiday vehicle is quickly becoming one of the most convenient ways to ensure that the car you choose is up to the task. A rental also spares you from having to subject your vehicle to the harsh off-road conditions found in some of our tourist destinations. 

    Whether you opt to purchase or rent your holiday car, the new vehicle allows you to sample a different and more luxurious vehicle and all its comforts.

    For some, picking the right vehicle for safaris and road trips can be challenging, especially if they decide to venture to a new and unfamiliar destination in search of adventure.

    But fret not. Here are the five best cars for road trips and safaris in Kenya

    1. Jeep Wrangler

    The Jeep Wrangler is a vehicle capable of transforming into an open or closed off-roader, depending on your preference. It is one of only two vehicles that boast having a removable top and doors. 

    You can thus opt for an open-roofed driving experience or even go without doors altogether.

    The car’s off-road tenacity dates back to the Second World War as a military vehicle. Although today’s models continue to bear the rugged good looks of their forefathers, they have several comfort features thrown in as a welcome bonus.

    Among the features that make the Wrangler perfect for off-roading is its generous ground clearance. 

    A standard Jeep Wrangler has a ground clearance of 9.7 inches, while a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon stands at an impressive 10.8 inches off the ground. These are some of the highest ground clearances in its class.

    Wading across pools of water and scaling rocky terrain has never been easier. Coupled with its physical attributes is that the Wrangler also comes with a powerful engine and impressive hauling capabilities.

    1. Toyota Land Cruiser

    As far as safari cars are concerned, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the few vehicles that ticks extra boxes and exceeds expectations. 

    Not only is it a capable off-roader with tons of cabin and cargo space, but it also has a generous seating capacity. It is the perfect road trip vehicle for a large family or group with a whopping eight seats.

    The cargo space is just as expansive, with a roof rack added for good measure. 

    It is possible to go on all manner of Wildlife safaris in the Masai Mara when travelling aboard a Cruiser. From camping safaris to game drives, it is a car that doesn’t quit.

    Therefore, it is little wonder that tour companies have always preferred this vehicle as their ultimate safari car. With slight modifications to improve traveller’s wildlife viewing, Kenyan tour agents have consistently relied on Land Cruisers for decades.

    The icing on the top is that the Cruiser is tremendously fuel-efficient for a car of its size and capability, consuming a modest 11.1Liters of fuel per 100Kms.

    1. Ford Bronco

    The robust Ford Bronco was truly designed to be at home in rugged terrain. 

    It comes with two categories of seating capacity. There is the 4-seater two-door variant and the 5-seater four-door version. 

    Aside from the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford Bronco is the only other car with removable doors and roof meaning you can enjoy genuinely windswept drives in the wild. That is a desirable function for birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts as they can take unhindered photos of all the action.

    Equipped with massive 35-inch mud-terrain tyres, the Bronco comes with low-speed rock crawling capabilities and downhill control.

    It also has electronic-locking front and rear differentials, giving you tremendous control even on severe terrain.

    The electronic locking differentials system is what keeps the tyres from wildly spinning when they encounter wet surfaces. It also aids the vehicle’s wheels to find their grip when on slippery surfaces. 

    Consequently, the vehicle has impressive precision both on and off-road such that even novice off-roaders can easily navigate tricky terrain in this vehicle.

    1. Land Rover Discovery

    Imagine whisking your family down to the scenic Kenyan coast in a luxurious Land Rover Discovery.

    Safaris to Kenya’s Masai Mara and coastal beaches are a chance to unwind and reconnect with family and friends. On such excursions, travellers need a vehicle that can cover the distance while delivering maximum comfort to its travellers.

    The 7-seater Land Rover Discovery comes with all-terrain tyres making the car a joy to ride on and off-road. It is a car that brings absolute joy to any road trip.

    Depending on the model, the Discovery comes with a panoramic sunroof that you can open. If the natural breeze proves inadequate, you can rely on the car’s two-zone climate control to keep the cabin as cool as you want.

    The car’s adjustable air suspension ensures smooth rides even in bumpy areas. The Discovery’s quiet ride further enhances the overall driving experience. You will hardly hear any external din, whether from the wind or tyres, when driving.

    5. Ford Everest

    Ford Everest is yet another vehicle to consider for those easy holiday drives, whether in town or the wild.

    It has an impressive ground clearance and a robust engine capable of accelerating from 0-100km/hr in just 9.8 seconds. When off-road, the vehicle’s Four-Wheel-drive is at hand to aid in traction and grip control.

    When navigating city traffic, the car’s driver-assist features come in handy. These include the cross-traffic alert system, autonomous emergency braking, and a parking assist mechanism. 

    During your leisurely road trip, you may also opt for a breezy bask in the sun via the vehicle’s opening sunroof. 

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