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    Tourism stakeholders as President Kenyatta not to lockdown country

    Kenya Tourism stakeholders have urged President Kenyatta not to put the country under another lockdown as it enters festivities.

    In a plea to the President, the tourism stakeholders said that another lockdown would mean that the industry would not recover.

    Council of Governor’s calls

    The call comes after the Council of Governors continued to make calls to President Kenyatta to consider stringent restrictions. They said that continued travel without restrictions would result in a jump in coronavirus cases come January.

    Kenya is coming out of a terrible surge of COVID cases that started in October and peaked in November. However, the infection rate has been going down in recent weeks, though it is a slight dip.

    The Kenya Tourism Federation, Kenya Coast Working Group, Kenya Association of Housekeeping, and Kenya Tourism Association have all asked President Kenyatta to reject such proposals.

    Highly productive counties hit hard

    The hardest-hit counties are Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kajiado, Uasin Gishu, Busia, Machakos, Kisumu, and Kilifi Counties. These counties are among the most productive in Kenya.

    Nairobi is Kenya’s administrative capital, while Mombasa and Kilifi are the tourism hubs of the country. Uasin Gishu is the country’s breadbasket, while Busia, Nakuru, and Machakos are major transit hubs. Kisumu is also popular with tourists.

    Kenya Tourism Federation Chairman Mohamed Hersi, instead, called on the governors to focus on equipping health workers and hospitals.

    “Governors should focus on providing isolation centres and equipping health workers and hospitals,” Hersi said. He urged them to shift their energies to sorting out the health workers’ strike and ensure that doctors get paid.

    He accused governors of doing a ‘Good PR job’ on their preparedness to deal with the pandemic. Hersi further said the governors would always get special passes to travel from county to county and thus, would not suffer from the lockdown’s ill effect.

    This comes as records show that hotel bookings remain at a record low, with a lockdown compounding things further.

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