The touching transformation of the Githeri man


– Kenyans across the divide have pooled their resources to help the Githeri man who reportedly united Kenyans during the tense election period

– As we speak, the 40-year-old father of one is the proud owner of a high-end mobile phone, a peice of land in Ngong and a wardrobe of fabulous clothes

On Tuesday , August 8, tension and anticipation gripped Kenya as the nation went to yet another General Election.

The impressive transformation of the Kayole Githeri man

Where it all began; the Githeri man waiting in queue with his lunch in hand. Photo:Facebook/Steve Muriuki

It was a tight race between Jubilee and the NASA alliance which had promised Kenyans, a new beginning in Canaan.

While the serious business of casting votes was going on, another light moment was happening in Kayole.

That of the Githeri Man.

A photo taken by a random voter showed a man of about 40 casually eating simple meal of Githeri while waiting on the queue to cast his vote.

The impressive transformation of the Kayole Githeri man

The day when the TV stations went looking for him in Kayole. Photo: Citizen TV/Facebook

Immediately, the photos went viral. He became the new internet sensation. He was the light moment in an election that had threatened to degenerate into chaos.

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The second day, he was paraded on TV in what was to be his first interview. He brought his Githeri along, in a little polythene bag.

With the interview came gifts. The first day, he got three brand new phones and airtime. All valued at not less than KSh 200,000.

The impressive transformation of the Kayole Githeri man

The current Githeri man.Living testimony that your life can change in the middle of an ordinary life. Photo: Twitter/xtian dela

It did not stop there. A real estate firm gave a piece of land and has since promised to build him a house in Ngong.

On Saturday, August 12, yet another noble Kenyan decided to dress the Githeir man up. A snugly-fitting suit and a wardrobe of other pricey outfits.

His transformation was complete.

From a shabbily dressed man in his 40's to a strapping man in a dapper suit.

Miracles are real.

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