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3 Killed, 179 injured as Boeing 737 skid off runway

  • The plane belongs to Pegasus Airlines
  • 177 passengers were on board and 6 crew members from Izmir province
  • The plane was approaching an airport before skidding off the runway and breaking into flames
  • The accident has been attributed to poor weather conditions at the airport
  • Investigations have been launched to address the cause of the crash

Three people have been killed and 179 others injured after a Boeing 737 plane belonging to Pegasus Airlines skid off the runway and broke into flames in Istanbul, Turkey.

The plane was carrying 177 passengers and six crew members when it crashed claiming the lives of 3 at Sabiha Gocken airport.

Disruptive weather conditions at the airport have been cited as the potential cause for the crash which saw the plane breaking into three parts. The airport is experiencing heavy rain and tailwinds according to BBC.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, confirming the incidence, said the plane skidded for around 50-60m.

“Unfortunately the Pegasus Airlines plane could not hold on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50-60m,” said the Governor.

The plane belonged to Pegasus Airlines – a low-cost flying airline which has been in operation for 20 years

Majority of the passengers on board were Turkey citizens while 22 came from other foreign countries.

Footage on social media showed several people struggling to get out through one of the wings at the rear side. Another video showed parts of the plane covered in flames.

In January 2018, another Pegasus Airlines plane plunged off and was almost getting into the Black Sea but the tyres got stuck in thick mud, stopping the plane.

Cranes were used to pull the plane from the mud and rescue the passengers. There were no casualties in the crash.

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