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Accelerating COVID cases see world infections pass 62 million

Accelerating COVID-19 infections has seen the world confirmed cases pass 62 million as the United States attempts to halt a surge.

While news of vaccine development may catch the attention, the world has been seeing an aggressive surge in COVID cases. Almost all countries across the globe are witnessing a steep rise in their infection graph. Deaths have also risen sharply.

Deaths from the virus have hit 1.45 million, while the number of recoveries has crossed 39.8 million. That represents a recovery rate of 64 per cent. The mortality rate meanwhile is at 2.3 per cent.

The US aggressive surge

The United States became the first country to cross 200,000 in daily COVID-19 infections on November 27th, on Friday. On that fateful day, the US reported 205,000 new COVID infections, just a day after the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it appears the surge in recent weeks coincides with the time Americans lined up to vote.

So far, the country has over 13 million COVID cases, seeing a rise of two million in about two weeks.

India sees out the first wave

There was a time when India appeared on course to overtake the US as the worst-hit country in the world. Reporting in at over 90,000 cases daily from August through to September, that surge saw India climb to over 8 million cases. However, in recent weeks, cases have been steadily going down. Yesterday, the country reported slightly over 41,000 cases. This figure is the lowest in a day since July.

So far, the country has over 9.3 million cases.

Brazil’s erratic curve

It’s difficult to tell what is going on in Brazil by looking at its graph. The South American country currently has over 6.2 million cases. However, its daily infections have been fluctuating wildly since July.

Everyday infections vary from as low as 14,000 a day to 48,000 in just a matter of days. This cycle has repeated itself over since August. This comes even as strong man, Bolsonaro, rejected the vaccine, and continued to be an anti-masker.

Russia is also seeing a surge, with the country now at over 2.2 million cases. France finishes five hardest-hit countries, with also slightly over 2.2 million cases. Together, these five countries hold half of all confirmed COVID cases.

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