COVID-19: Brazil sees worst death toll as over 4000 die in a day


The dire COVID-19 situation in Brazil keeps getting direr after the country reported over 4000 COVID deaths in 24 hours.

According to Reuters, the country reported 4,195 deaths on Tuesday. This is the worst death surge in 24 hours in any nation in the world. The figure surpassed even the worst wave in the United States, witnessed in January 2021.

A biological Fukushima

Brazillian Doctor and Duke University professor, Miguel Nicolelis, told Reuters that Brazil had become a ‘biological Fukushima.’

“It is a nuclear reactor which has set off a chain reaction and is out of control,” he said.

The new deaths pushed the number of fatalities in Brazil to over 337,000, second just to the United States, which has registered over 555,000. In March alone, Brazil has registered over 66,000 deaths, almost double the number it lost in February.

Country crosses 13 m cases

Before March, Brazil hadn’t lost more than 30,000 people in one month ever since the pandemic started in the country a year ago.

Brazil is the second hardest-hit country in the world, reporting over 13 million COVID-19 cases. There is no end on the horizon, with the new Brazilian strain of the virus reportedly more contagious and lethal, thus the surge in infections and deaths.

The virus is also more lethal to younger people, infecting them and killing them more easily.

The P1 plus 91 others

The P1 is becoming a significant cause for concern the world over, though experts say that Brazil has 91 other variants. This brings the total to 92 new SARS-CoV-2 virus variants in Brazil.

But, despite the grim forecast from scientists, Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, has continued to oppose the wearing of masks and imposing any lockdown.

He argues that a lockdown would impact the economy with worse effects than the virus, and he has tried to scale back on some of the restrictions.

But things keep spiraling out of control in the country.  ICU bed occupancy in many states, for example, is at over 90 %.

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