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COVID-19 vaccines administered worldwide cross 1.26 billion

The number of COVID-19 vaccines given worldwide has crossed 1.26 billion, even as low-income countries continue to struggle to get doses.

According to data by the Financial Times vaccine tracker, the current COVID-19 vaccines administered stands at 1,268,277,486 doses in 219 locations. That is enough for 8.4 % of the world population.

Sinopharm emergency usage

There are seven COVID-19 vaccines in use in these 219 locations, with them getting a further boost after WHO also approved Sinopharm for emergency use.

On Friday, the World Health Organization confirmed that they had approved Sinopharm jab, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products.

“The vaccine has the potential to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine access for countries seeking to protect health workers and populations at risk,” The WHO said.

Sinopharm has been in use, but had yet to fully provide its data to the WHO for approval.

Most vaccines administered

Mainland China has issued the most number of vaccines, with over 308 million doses given. The United States comes in second, with over 255 million doses given. India comes in after, with 165 doses given. The United Kingdom wraps up the top five countries, with over 51 million doses.

Kenya has administered over 900,000 doses of the vaccine, though the doses per population remain very low.

Vaccines per population

However, when it comes to doses per 100 residents, Israel leads, having issued 115. 9 doses per resident. This means that 100 people have gotten the first dosage, with 15 getting the second dosage. In total, Israel has administered 10.5 million.

UAE comes in second, with 113.1 doses per 100 residents, Bahrain follows with 82.1 doses per 100 residents, Chile has 81.9 per 100 residents and Maldives 80.5.

Inequity concerns

Vaccine rollout in the developed economies has continued to outpace the rollout in developing countries. This has led to growing concerns of a catastrophe similar to India unfolding in these countries.

Furthermore, the continued spread of the vaccine means that new strains continue to emerge, which could render the current vaccine moot. So far, developed countries account for 80 % of the vaccines administered.

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