COVID deaths refuse to drop as fatalities cross 4 million


The number of deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic has crossed 4 million as fatalities remain high amidst falling cases.

According to a report by Reuters, the number of COVID-19 deaths crossed 4 million on Thursday as many countries continued to struggle to acquire COVID vaccines for their masses.

The Delta variant, first discovered in India, has been wreaking havoc in many countries, even as Britain and the United States celebrated a drop in deaths and cases.

2 million deaths in six months

The cases have risen from 2 million to four million in just 166 days, with the figure having taken over a year to get to 2 million.

The countries with the highest number of deaths are the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico, which all account for close to half of the reported deaths. Other countries such as Hungary, Peru, and Gibraltar have the highest death rates worldwide when adjusted for population.

India and Brazil have been the countries that are reporting the most deaths every day for the past few weeks. However, WHO has reported that the deaths globally are underreported and could be much higher.

“The number of deaths we reported last week was similar to the previous week, and the worldwide decline masks a worrying increase in cases and deaths in many countries,” Dr. Tedros said on June 15th.

Concern in Latin America

Latin American countries are going through their worst COVID-19 surge since the outbreak in March. According to an analysis by Reuters, 43 of every 100 infections worldwide comes from the South American region.

Paraguay has the highest in the region on deaths per population, with 1.9 deaths per 100,000 people. Uruguay follows a distant second, with 1.41. Brazil, despite the high fatalities, has 0.95 deaths per 100,000 people.

Africa’s new wave

Africa is also at risk of getting overwhelming infections. Uganda, South Africa and Egypt are all reporting a surge in cases.

Indeed, in Uganda, major hospitals have run out of beds as infections soar in Uganda’s worst wave since the disease broke out there. Additionally, the continent is closing in on 5 million cases.

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