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Happy Birthday Kim: Trump Sends Kim Jong Un Birthday Wishes

The US President, Donald Trump, has sent birthday wishes to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. The message was relayed on Friday through a South Korean official. It is said that Trump sent the message to South Korea to be passed on to the North.

Chung Eui-Yong, the Director of the National Security Office in South Korea, told reporters of Trump’s request while at the Incheon Airport on Friday.

Chung was on his way back from Washington, where he had briefly met with Trump two days before. “President Trump remembered, and as he said well-wishing remarks about Chairman Kim Jong Un’s birthday, he requested that it’d be good if President Moon can deliver that message to Chairman Kim Jong Un,” he said.
“As far as I know, such message has been delivered to the North in an appropriate way,” he added.
President Trump has always tried to nurture a personal relationship with the North Korean leader as a way of breaking the Nuclear program’s stalemate at the latter’s nation.
Despite all the outreaches the two made, Kim has reiterated that there “will never” be any denuclearization at the Korean Peninsula.
Kim Jong Un has also claimed that if the US does not stop having a hostile policy towards his nation, the country could even resume nuclear weapon testing.
This is not the first instance that the two leaders have sent greetings to each other, especially as wishes for their birthdays.
In June last year, Trump was excited having received “a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un” — the first since their February summit in Hanoi, where no conclusion was reached on the denuclearization program.
The US president’s birthday was later that week.
In the letter, Kim wished Trump good health according to an administration official.

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