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In meeting, Chancellor criticizes Chinese

Chancellor Ernesto Araújo believes that Brazil could be part of a kind of new Security Council that would be formed in a post-pandemic world. During the meeting on April 22, with President Jair Bolsonaro and other ministers, he presented an assessment of the international scenario and took the opportunity to make veiled criticisms of the Chinese.

Today, China accounts for one third of the destinations of Brazilian exports.

In the excerpts revealed, what is clear is his belief that, today, Brazil would have the ability to influence the new world order. For him, the country “has to influence the design of a new international scenario.”

“I am increasingly convinced that Brazil has the conditions today, has the opportunity to sit at the table of four, five, six countries that will define the new world order,” said the minister.

“yes, the other day the… in the president’s conversation with the Prime Minister of India, the Indian said that it will be as different the post-coronavirus of the pre as post-second war of the pre”, he explained.

“I think it’s true and just as there was a security council that defined the world order, five countries after the… of the second war, there’s going to be a kind of new is… security council and we have, this time, the opportunity to be in it and believe in the possibility of Brazil influence and form … Help to format a new one is… scenario,” he said.

Brazil’s accession as a permanent member of the UN Security Council was a permanent goal of Brazilian diplomacy. In the 1990s, along with Germany, Japan and India, the country formed the G-4 to push for council reform. But the project never walked.

Ernesto Araújo, however, points out that Brazil would be in a position to be influential in the world.

Criticism of the Chinese

A stretch, however, that may represent commercial damage to Brazil. The chancellor criticizes the globalization that has China as one of its pillars.

“And this scenario is,… I think he has to take into account the following is… reviewing the last thirty years of globalisation. There will be a new globalization,” he said.

“What happened in those thirty years? It was a blind globalization for the theme of values, for the theme of democracy, of freedom. It was a globalization that, we’re seeing now, created is… a model where at the heart of the international economy is a country that is not democratic, does not respect human rights, etc., right?” he said, in a reference to the Chinese and without mentioning the country’s name.

“It’s… this new globalization I don’t think can be blind, right? Yes, it has to be a globalization, it has to be a structure, it is, that takes into account, of course, the economic dimension, but also this dimension of freedom, values,” he said.

“And it is, in the same way, I think the plan and, is pointing to it, in ours and, it is our national dimension, also can not be a blind plan for, a, these dimensions of, of what brings us, right?” he said.

“That brings the project of the president, which is not simply efficiency, strength, economic growth, but, uh… freedom, uh… Huh… the fight against corruption, the… the… to re… reinvention of a Brazil, is… free, from a Brazil, free of these, is… ills that we know. Thank you,” he concluded.



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