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    Iran refuses to hand over the black box of Boeing 737 that claimed the lives of 176

    The Iranian government has surprised many after it refused to hand over the black box of Boeing 737 to its company. The plane, Boeing 737, crushed on 8th January 2020 soon after taking off. The Kiev headed aircraft crashed just a few minutes after taking off the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, Iran. All the 167 passengers including the nine crew members of the Ukraine International Airlines perished in the crash.

    The planes black box has however been found but the head of civil Aviation in Tehran has refused to hand it over. The black box is supposed to be handed over to the planes company so that they can determine the cause of the crash.

    The statement from the Ukraine’s embassy in Iran stated that the cause of the crash was engine failure.

    “According to preliminary data, the plane crashed due to engine failure for technical reasons. As of now, versions of a terrorist attack or missile attack are ruled out.”  read the post on their website.

    The statement was however deleted shortly after being posted in the embassy’s website.

    Possible causes of the crash

    A video from the state media showed the plane falling while already on fire. Despite the video, Ukraine’s prime minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has slammed down the issue of a missile attack.

    The news sight Flightglobal journalist, David Learmount, has denied claims of mechanical failure.

    ” Whatever the cause was, it was very sudden. The crew members were not even able to make an emergency call. They had plenty of height that could enable them to make a call. You can try to work out any dramatic thing that could go wrong in an airliner,” said  David Learmount.

    He, however, added that if the crash was caused by catastrophic mechanical damage, the debris of the plane would not have been wrecked to that extent.

    To add on the fact that mechanical failure was not a possible cause, the plane had undergone a technical check on January 6th. The plane was, however, three years old, not old enough to suffer from extreme mechanical damage. In addition to that, the pilots of Boeing 737 had enough experience of about 7,600 and 12,000 flying hours.

    Boeing company is still on a tussle with the Ukranian government to acquire the BlackBox. The Blackbox will help determine the accurate cause of the crash.

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