Use of Emoji finds it’s Way in University Education


Finally, the use of emoji’s has found its way in formal communication. There are recent developments that demonstrate how whatever was perceived as just a typical joke becoming a reality. Previously, in the past few decades’ comedy was underrated, but currently, it has a high placement in the entertainment industry.

Emoji can refer to as shorthand communication tools which are used in electronic messages. Also, they appear as facial expressions, different symbols, and animals, among others. In today’s world, there is a massive increase in electronic communications such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Email address, Skype, Instagram and Facebook. Fortunately, almost every person is using either one or all the social media platforms and using the symbols to communicate.

Most Kenyans use emojis’ to express their emotions such as happy, sad, crying and even playing. Most probably maybe you are one of the persons who often use emoji. Coincidentally, scholars and leaders have not been spared in using the symbols to express how they are feeling. Besides, they also use graphical illustration to illustrate what they are communicating about clearly. Great financial institutions such as Kenya Commercial Bank and Safaricom are some of the informal sectors which use emoji in their social media platforms.

Western historical experiences have played a significant role in influencing Kenyans, in various areas among them academics. Kenya is so westernized since they have their education, healthcare, and religion which are fond of changing living testimonies to reach the whole universe.

Europe is one of the continents where emoji are used in university courses. Some other countries are also following the suit to apply the same trend in their learning institutions. One of the universities in the UK is comparing the use of emoji to Hieroglyphics, which is in linguistic studies. Hieroglyphs are characters used in both pictorial writing and are useful when tracing the origin of ancient Egypt.

Philip Seargeant, who is a lecturer in the university, asserted that emoji are used to change how people communicate and have a serious discussion. Continually, he said that nothing is unique in introducing emoji in the study since they are a pictorial representation. The lecturer added that soon emoji would evolve and become a phonetic alphabet.

In the past few years, the use of emoji was valued as childish and for the illiterate, but currently, everything has developed to enable it to become part of the study. Other universities that have adapted to the use of emoji includes Edinburg, Cardiff, and Kings College. The emoji are used explicitly in political science languages, psychology, and marketing.

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