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World COVID-19 cases cross 150 million as surge continues in South America and India

The number of COVID-19 cases globally has crossed 150 million, John Hopkins University has confirmed.

According to a tally by the University, the number of COVID-19 cases passed 150 million on Friday as surges continued in South American and India.

Deaths from the virus have crossed 3.16 million, with many new deaths coming from South Asia, mainly from India. Recoveries, meanwhile, crossed 87.5, placing the world recovery rate from the virus at 58 %.

COVID-19 is an infection by the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which was first confirmed in China in December 2019. Since then, the illness has spread to 192 countries and regions.

Leading countries in infections

The United States continues to lead in terms of confirmed COVID-19 infections, reporting in over 32 million cases. Widespread vaccinations, however, mean the country has a reduced infection rate, with a low of 58,528 new cases on Thursday.

However, the same is not true of India. Indeed, India is suffering through the worst of COVID-19 since its outbreak in China. The country confirmed over 386 000 new COVID-19 cases between Thursday and Friday, yet another record infection in a day.

Deaths are surging in India, with funeral pyres and burial workers working overnight to bury the enormous number of dead people, which surpass official tally by far. So far, India has over 18 million COVID cases with over 208,000 confirmed deaths.

Brazil comes in third with 14. 6 million cases. The South American country is also suffering through a desperate wave of infections.

While infections are on a downward trend, deaths remain alarmingly high. Indeed, in April alone, Brazil has reported 100,000 deaths. These deaths mean that ¼ of Brazil’s 400,000 deaths have occurred over the past four weeks alone.

Lethal new variants

New COVID-19 variants are pushing the infections and deaths in Indian and Brazil, experts believe. The new variants are now more lethal among young people and could result in fatalities even among asymptomatic people.

They are also likely to cause Long COVID – persistent, long-term complications from COVID-19.

However, public health guidelines still work against the new variants. Thus, washing hands, masking, keeping social distancing will keep you safe.

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