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A cyclist swallowed a bee that stung him in the throat and caused his death

The 59-year-old Spaniard was cycling on a road near Valencia with a sports group. He had an allergic reaction to the insect’s venom that caused him to go into cardiorespiratory arrest

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A 59-year-old cyclist had his last ride on two wheels last Sunday when a bee accidentally got into his mouth and stung him in the throat. causing him a cardiorespiratory arrest that caused his death.

The man is a resident of Algemesí, a municipality in the Valencian Community (Spain) and that Sunday he was accompanied by a group of cyclists along one of the routes most used by sports fans to ride through the Ribera Alta and Baixa.

According to local media the man would have swallowed the bee while riding his bicycle and when it stung him he had an allergic reaction to the insect’s venom causing paralysis.

The man was helped by the other cyclists but began to have trouble breathing very quickly and although the emergency services arrived as quickly as possible to attend to the man, there was little they could do.

The local police were also present at the scene, verifying that when the paramedic units arrived who tried to save the cyclist’s life, He had already entered cardiorespiratory arrest and efforts to resuscitate him with different emergency maneuvers were insufficient to allow him to breathe normally again.

The man eventually died before being transferred to a medical facility.

More common than it seems

Deaths or complications from bee stings are common when the victim is unaware that they are allergic to the insect's venom. (IStock)

Deaths or complications from bee stings are common when the victim is unaware that they are allergic to the insect’s venom. (IStock)

Even so, serious health incidents caused by bee stings are more common than you might think. Many times they end up producing a very serious or life-threatening affectation because most people are unaware that they have an allergy to the venom of these insects and when they run into them in unexpected places where they usually build honeycombs, they cause bites that can be complicated.

In the Valencian Community, where the fatal cyclist incident occurred, a similar event had occurred a little less than two years ago, when a neighbor of Moncada, another municipality, He died after being stung by a bee.

This man was 52 years old and was stung in the neck when he was working in the fields, in an area near some bee hives. When the insect bit him, he collapsed from cardiac arrest as an allergic reaction to the venom.

Farmers are usually the most affected by the encounters with these insects, being recurrent victims of fatal bites. In 2017, for example, another 57-year-old man, this time from Burriana, He died after receiving several wasp stings to the neck and head. He was a worker for the town’s irrigation union and was bitten while cleaning some of the town’s irrigation ditches.

Another incident occurred in 2016 when an 81-year-old man working in the Massamgrell field died from several bee stings.

Although it is not so strange that these deaths happen if it is a very bad fortune because bees or wasps do not have a poison that is deadly in itself, the person must be allergic to expose himself to death, as he was, without knowing it , the cyclist in this story.

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