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Assistant who handed Baldwin a gun would have had unsafe practices

American actor Alec Baldwin.

A prop maker said that in the past, she had already expressed concern that the assistant director had been involved in unsafe situations.

Over the weekend, a court document obtained by the CNN showed that the gun that killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins was handed over to actor Alec Baldwin at the hands of assistant director David Halls, who will have told you that it was a “cold gun”, that is, the indication that it would be safe to use it.

Now, in a statement, Maggie Goll, a licensed prop maker and fireworks technician, explained that she had previously worked with Halls on the series “Into the Dark” and at the time warned the executive producers of her unsafe behavior on set.

According to Associated Press, Goll also told in an interview that the assistant director ignored security protocols for guns and pyrotechnics and tried to continue filming even after the supervising pyrotechnician lost consciousness.

The team member also said that Halls did not hold security meetings and repeatedly failed to announce to the team that a firearm would be on set, as mandated by protocols.

Despite this, the prop maker considers that “this situation is not about Dave Halls” and that “it’s not one person’s fault”. “This is a bigger debate about on set safety and what we’re trying to achieve with that culture.”

Goll said that this is a situation that could not have happened because there are “so many steps that have to be taken” that the possibility of the loaded gun reaching that destination by itself “should be impossible”.

Baldwin killed the 42-year-old director of photography last week after she fired the gun in question on the film set of the film “Rust.”

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