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At 101, Ginny is “Lady Lobster” and doesn’t plan on retiring.

Ginny is known as “Lobster Lady”.

Virginia Oliver continues to work in lobster fishing despite being 101 years old. ‘Ginny’ doesn’t plan on retiring and has already become a meme on the Internet.

Virginia ‘Ginny’ Oliver have 101 years old and is the oldest in the lobster fishing industry. The American does not plan to retire and has recently become a meme from the internet due to the mythical photo you can see above.

While many dream of a peaceful makeover on an island paradise, Ginny has a different idea. After learning how to fish lobsters at just seven years of age, ‘Lady Lobster’, as she is also known, she spends three days a week at sea off the coast of Maine in the United States.

Without ever failing his duty, he sets off for the sea in the company of your 79 year old son, Max. Your job is, at first glance, the most dangerous. Ginny picks up the lobsters, measures them to see if they’re big enough, and if that’s the case, ties up her tongs.

Not long ago, he cut himself in such a way that he had to take seven stitches. Despite pleas to stop working, Ginny continues. Asked by the doctor why she is still working, Ginny was adamant: “Because I want”.

“I grew up with it”, said the 101-year-old woman, cited by All That’s Interesting. “It’s not difficult for me. It may be for someone else, but not for me.”

“She doesn’t give up”, said Max, adding that if he dared go into retirement, his mother would say, “There had better be something wrong with you.”

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