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Berlusconi hospitalized in Monaco with cardiac arrhythmia

Former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized today Image: Max Rossi / Reuters

MILAN, JAN 14 (ANSA) – Former Italian Prime Minister and MEP Silvio Berlusconi, 84, was admitted to a hospital in Monaco due to a cardiac arrhythmia. The news was confirmed to ANSA by the former doctor premier, Alberto Zangrillo.

“On Monday [11], I went to the south of France urgently, where the president lives temporarily, due to an aggravation and I ordered the hospitalization in Monaco because I didn’t think it was prudent to make the transport to Italy “, he said. The former prime minister is interned at the Cardiothoracic Center in Monaco, a hospital specializing in cardiovascular diseases. Berlusconi has spent much of the past few months in Valbonne, a city 65 kilometers from the Italian border and 53 kilometers from Monaco. , the Siena Court postponed to April 8 a hearing on the “Ruby ter” case – in which the former prime minister is a defendant for corruption in judicial acts – which would take place on Thursday (14). Berlusconi is accused of bribing Danilo Mariani , a pianist who participated in his parties (nicknamed “bunga-bunga”), to induce him to bear false testimony about nights with prostitutes.The Siena Public Prosecutor’s Office has already asked the court sent the former prime minister to four years and two months in prison. Last year, Berlusconi managed to postpone several hearings in a similar case in Milan for “health reasons.” He was admitted to Covid-19 in September and said the illness was the “most dangerous evidence” of his life. . The “Ruby ter” case has dismemberments in Milan, Rome, Turin, Pescara, Treviso and Monza and was born out of the “Ruby” process, in which the former prime minister was acquitted of the crimes of prostitution of minors and abuse of power. The name refers to the Italian-Moroccan model Karima el Mahroug, Ruby, the center of the sex scandal that shook Berlusconi’s image. In all the dismemberments, the conservative leader is accused or suspected of manipulating the testimony of witnesses to escape convictions. The former prime minister has already been ultimately convicted of tax fraud, a penalty discounted from one year of social services, and today he is a deputy. the European Parliament. (ANSA).

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